Our Games

Over the years we've published several games. You can find a complete list below.


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Unexplored is a new dungeon crawler with computer generated levels that really feel like they were designed by humans. It features a Zelda-of-old-esque art style and fluent and intense combat. Explore the Dungeons of Doom in search of the Amulet of Yendor. Yes, that's right: a classical roguelike premise. Where Unexplored departs from traditional roguelikes, is that the game offers real-time, physics based, melee combat, and superior level generation to create sophisticated lock and key puzzles that span multiple dungeon levels.

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"One of the best puzzle games in years!" The press adores Sumico. And so will you. Sumico is a must-have title for fans of puzzle games!
Easy to pick up, fun to play, challenging if you want it to be. Smooth graphics, nice music and most importantly: an incredibly smart puzzle. But, don't take our word for it: many, many professional reviewers awarded Sumico a 9 out of 10.

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Your screen becomes a battlefield in Bezircle, where tactical decision-making and one-touch skill make the difference. This stunning strategy game offers mind-bending complexity, single-player depth and multiplayer mayhem for fans of puzzle and strategy games.
Capture orbs to win the level by 'bezircling' them before your AI enemies or human opponents. Capturing special orbs boosts your performance and unleashes devastating effects on the arena. Adventure through the massive single-player campaign, or share your device with up to four players and compete in an infinite number of multiplayer arenas!

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Flix 2

Flix 2 is a comical, but challenging, platformer where you play Flix: half blob, half spider. You can jump, roll up steep hills, stick to ceilings, and use your grappling arm to swing through the levels of this skill based game. Collect stars to open the exit to the next level while avoiding traps and enemies.

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Seasons is a game with two intertwined storylines. On the one hand it tells the tale of a young woman on a mission to restore her land to former glory. On the other it tells the history of how the land came to be covered in everlasting winter. This history is related by the girl's grandfather and a few other characters encountered in the game and take the form of playable missions. Seasons is both a hero-quest and a tragedy, told in two different time frames, and from two different, and occasional incorrect, perspectives.

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Dungeon Run

Collect minutes to score points in this fast paced little adventure game, which really started out as an example for a new educational game library I have been working on. Inspiration for this game come from Zelda, the Atari Adventure game and Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost's book Racing the Beam.

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